Newsletter 2-10

Volume 2, Issue 10 November, 2018

In this Issue:
Expanding Home Service
Student Volunteers
Last Day at Flagstaff
More Research
End of Year

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Expanding Home Service

In 2018, we have greatly expanded our network of Drop-in Centres and computer-help groups, which now spreads from Woonona Bulli RSL in the north to Sarah Claydon Milton in the south. In 2019, we aim to branch out from each network hub to provide services to elders who live nearby at home, in a retirement village or in a self-care unit of an aged-care facility. If you know someone who needs help with their digital set up or device, why not give them one of our gift vouchers for Christmas go to

Student Volunteers

This year we have had great help from a host of student interns and volunteers:  post-grad, under-grad and high school. Many were new to Wollongong and found that helping us was a way for them to get to know the area.  Our Living Connected program has been greatly enhanced by the involvement of the students and I hope they have got as much out of this as we have.
In 2019, we plan to expand our work with students and offer those that volunteer with us the opportunity to count their serviced towards UOWx awards.  We plan to make this available at the UOW campuses at Nowra, Bateman’s Bay, Bega and Southern Highlands. To do this we are looking for opportunities to partner with aged-care facilities and those delivering home-care packages in those areas.  Please get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Last day at Flagstaff


Flagstaff Board member Assunta Young came to our last session with the Flagstaff group to present certificates to participants. We have some great videos from these participants:  Josh telling us about himself and Mario interviewing Assunta. You can see these via the links below

More Research

Living Connected is founded on research into why and how out elders use digital technology.  This research continues and we have just presented a paper at the Australasian Conference on Information Systems entitled “Older Women Online: Engaged, Active and Independent”.  You can read this paper at

We hope to engage at least one post-graduate research student in further investigation of this topic using Living Connected as a case study in 2019.

Next Year

December is fast approaching and the end of year.  We will be closing our Dropin Centres for December and January. We will still have help at iAccelerate on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but only by appointment. Watch our website for opening dates.

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