Newsletter 3-1

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2019

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2019

In this Issue:
Seniors Festival 2019
FREE Home Service 2019
UOWx and Campus East Student Volunteers
Research Plans

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Seniors Festival this February
We had a great time helping seniors to make videos about their life experiences. Splicing together short video clips, adding digitised photos and overlaying a narration has produced some interesting results.  Starting at the Seniors’ Festival, many of the participants continue to come to our iAccelerate Sessions Tuesdays and Thursday mornings to finish off their efforts.  Anyone else can come and start theirs, with our help of course!

FREE Home Service 2019

With funding we have received this year from the Federal Government’s Be Connected program, we are able to expand our home visits and begin some research into the outcome of our services The following is on their website


UOWx and Campus East: student volunteers and interns

Campus EastTo help us with the existing and new services that we are offering this year, we are recruiting new student volunteers.  Last week we inducted a group of students who are residents at Campus East adjacent to our home, iAccelerate, on the Innovation Campus. This week we aim to recruit at the University’s Shoalhaven and Bateman’s Bay campus for student to help with our new services in those areas. Many of these students will put their volunteer hours with us through the UOWX program which connects students with valuable co-curricular community activities. The personal and professional development gained through these activities is formally recognised through the UOWx Award.

Research Plans

Taking advantage of our partnership with the University of Wollongong, we are this year doing some research into the value of the Living Connected program. For this, we have engaged one of our volunteers, Laura a Master’s student in the School of Health & Society who is already putting together her research proposal.

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