Newsletter 3-3

Volume 3, Issue 3       April/May, 2019

In this Issue:
About Phil
APR Dropin Centre
Research Update

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PhilandJohn Phil Holleley has been a great supporter of Living Connected long before it formally existed. He has been teaching seniors about computers for many years, running Tech Savvy Seniors and training in South Coast Colleges. When asked to help he will go way beyond the call of duty. His lovely daughter Sophie has also come to our sessions. Here Phil helping John, a long-time client at Sarah Claydon, Milton, our first Dropin Centre.

Albion Park Rail Drop in Centre
Our newest Dropin Centre at Albion Park Rail is attracting many local seniors who appreciate the help our team is giving them.  Living Connected manager, Helen, attended the Cancer Council’s Greatest Morning Tea at the Centre and was busy telling people about the Dropin Sessions, recruiting a whole new group of clients.


Research Update
In our previous Newsletter, we reported that Laura was collecting data for the research into the value of the Living Connected program.  She is now finished her data collection and analysis and is just about ready to hand in her final report.  These are her conclusions:

  • Older people utilise technology for a range of reasons – to support their occupation, for leisure and/or connecting with others
  • Technology enables older people to maintain their independence, give meaning to their everyday activities and stay connected to loved ones
  • A personalised service such as Living Connected is effective in supporting the emotional and social wellbeing of older people as it is inclusive and supportive of their needs
  • Alternate services such as group-specific classes at the library and paying someone for assistance can pose a deterrent in an older person’s learning
  • Even those that are do not have a strong affiliation with technology see the value in it supporting an older person’s wellbeing

The complete report on Laura’s research will be available soon.