Newsletter 3-5

Volume 3 Issue 4  July 2019

In this Issue:
Inter-Generational Project
Community events
My Community Project VOTE 1 for us in Keira

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Inter-Generational Project
Our Digital Skills / Life Experience project is partnering with the Young Mentors Program driven by the eSafety Commissioner, an inter-generational reverse mentoring program for school children and older Australians. Not only does it facilitate essential digital learning for older Australians, it also gives young people the opportunity to develop valuable teaching, communication and leadership skills.


Community Events

IMSCommunityEvent2.jpg In Wollongong our Be Connected Community program had a multicultural focus with events at the Illawarra Multicultural Services and the Cringila Community Centre with the Multi-Cultural Council of the Illawarra CringilaCommunityEvent
CullburraSnrCits1 Further south, our Be Connected Community events included lunch at the Senior Citizens of Culburra, breakfast at Greenwell Gardens in Nowra and a CWA meeting in Berry IRTNOWRA

My Community Project VOTE 1 for “Digital Skills / Life Experience” in Keira

Closing date for voting AUGUST 15

As described above, this cross-generational project will train and mentor high-school students to teach seniors digital skills and, in turn, seniors will teach students life skills from the days before the Internet. In this way our whole community benefits!

MCP Flyer, Facebook Post


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