Newspaper 4-3

Volume 4, Issue 3       May, 2020

In this Issue:
Resuming Face to Face
Young  Mentors Program
makes a start Online
Virtual Group Sessions
Hosting Zoom Meetings
Recovery Help

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Resuming Face to Face
Like many organisations, Living Connected is planning a tentative move to face to face sessions.  A first step will be by prior booking only, 1 on 1 with one of our helpers at iAccelerate on the Innovation Campus where we will have strict COVID 19 protocols which we will release soon.  We will be guided by the following
We will continue our Zoom sessions as well and take any opportunity to teach people how to use Zoom so that they can get ongoing help wherever they are and whatever their circumstances. Ring or email for more information.

Young  Mentors Program makes a start Online
Early this year we had planned to run a Young Mentors Program in partnership with local high schools. This aims to train students to help members of the older generation but also learn from the seniors’ life experiences.  We had put this on hold when schools and aged care facilities closed. Now that we are running all our help sessions with seniors online, we decided that we could do the same with the Young Mentor
Young mentors 1

Young mentors 4

So we invited 12 school students (friends and family of Living Connected team members) to a meeting on Zoom together with a few members of the Living Connected Team. We invited PhD student Alex Trauth-Goik to engage us in discussion about how we all use the Internet. This was a great experience and we will meet once more to give students some practice at helping others on Zoom. In the school holidays, we will invite the young mentors help out at our regular Zoom sessions with seniors (see next item).

Virtual Group Sessions

Living Connected now has its own Zoom licenses. For the last few months we have replaced our many face to face Dropin sessions with 5 virtual Dropin sessions a week as follows: Monday 2:30pm based on Southern Illawarra groups; Wednesday 10am based on Wollongong groups; Thursday 1:30pm based on South Coast groups and 3pm based on Northern Illawarra groups; and Friday 10am based on Shoalhaven Groups Thursday. Anyone can come as long as they get the relevant Zoom Meeting ID from one of our emails or by contacting us We have just had our first attendee from north of Sydney.  With geography not a problem, we welcome anyone wanting individual help with computers, tablets or phones or who are somewhat isolated and just want some company.

Hosting Zoom Meetings for Clubs and other groups

It is now official that we have state government funding for this program.  See the details on their website at

Contact us if you have a club or groups that would like our help to run meetings online. There is no cost.

 Recovery Help

Living Connected has now delivered or posted over 30 laptops, 7 tablets, 2 wifi hubs and a printer to victims of bushfires together with isolation due to COVID19.  We still have more requests to fulfil to more worthy recipients.


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