Newsletter 4-4

Volume 4, Issue 4       June-July, 2020

In this Issue
Rethinking 2020
An Opportunity
Group Zoom Sessions
Young Mentors Update
Hosting Zoom Meetings
Resuming Face to Face

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Rethinking 2020
Last Newsletter, we were confident that COVID19 was under control and more restrictions would be lifted. However, new outbreaks of the virus in communities on the NSW South Coast have put a dent in that confidence. We will certainly have to adjust to changing circumstances and levels of restrictions for longer than we thought. This will be tough for many, but does make us reconsider our priorities. At Living Connected we help seniors learn digital skills not for their own sake but to improve well-being and quality of life.  This is now more important than ever.

An Opportunity


This image was posted on Twitter by a colleague and sums up a hope expressed by many community organisations like ours. Maybe in the old normal, our society suffered from too much afluenza among decision-makers who are too well-off to appreciate the plight of others. The COVID19 experience has shed a light on those for whom life is a struggle and rely on help to survive. Our leaders are showing a willingness to take advice from experts, put cooperation before competition and re-adjust their priorities. Let’s tell them we like it this way and maybe some of it will last. Communities are complex. Living Connected is based on research into wicked problems that have conflicting agendas and can only be reconciled by acting on the advice of experts, observing what happens, keep going with what works and changing what doesn’t.

Group Zoom Sessions
At Living Connected we are enjoying the learning and friendly discussion at our 5 weekly Zoom sessions. As well as help people with all sorts of digital problems, we teach them how to use apps such as Zoom to stay connected online. We also welcome those who join us at these Zoom sessions just to have a chat, particularly those in isolation or struggling to make sense of all that 2020 has thrown at us. So please contact us for any help using Zoom. Please also encourage others to come to any of the Zoom sessions wherever you are.

Young Mentors Update– our first cohort graduates
The 12 school students in the first online cohort of the Young Mentors Training has now completed the program and is receiving their certificates from the Australian eSafety Commission.  Local recipients Cooper, Hunter and Jordan received their certificates at iAccelerate. from Kim Leach, Helen Hasan and Alex Trauth-Goik. We are now planning to run the same program for a new group of High School students in a couple of weeks.


Online Digital Mentor Training for Regional Areas
Inspired by the success of the online version of the Young Mentors Training program, we are now planning to hold a similar online program for anyone in outer regional areas south of Batemans Bay.  This will start in September so anyone interest please contact us. There will be no charge.

Resuming Face to Face Help
We are still offering some 1 on 1 face-to-face help for seniors under strict COVID19 protocols. Bookings only.

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