The PIC Approach

PIC – Personalised Integrated Continuing

Our personalised, integrated and continuing service is based on our research which has found that:

  • Engagement, activity, independence and dignity are social determinants of health
  • As isolated older people are less able to get out and about, computers and the Internet can facilitate engagement, activity, independence and dignity
  • There is no reason that an older motivated person cannot learn to use suitable IT
  • Developing sufficient digital capability is not just a matter of giving someone an ipad and a couple of lessons
  • It is essential to (a) use appropriate technology for what a person wants to do and (b) provide ongoing support
  • Recognising the diverse needs and situations of each client is also essential
  • Meeting individual needs requires personalised, patient and thoughtful guidance
  • It is important that older users learn on their own device
  • Easy, reliable and affordable Internet access is critical
  • Ongoing support must be friendly and non-threatening
  • Having fun is critical for success.
  • Social connections via the Internet should not be at the expense of face-to-face interactions, indeed the two modes of interaction can support each other.