Business Plan

Our vision is to be a sustainable social enterprise promoting the wellbeing of elders through digital inclusion.

Social enterprises are commercially viable and sustainable businesses existing to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners. They intentionally tackle social problems; enact a concern for their communities; generate a supportive and empowering workplace; provide local employment and training; and endeavour to find a balance between economic, social and environmental needs.

Our Mission

To develop and deliver a personalised, integrated and continuing service for seniors so that they can enjoy social and economic wellbeing through digital capability

Our Values

  • Working together with the client to determine their needs and solutions.
  • Focussing on the client’s personal and social wellbeing, not on the technology.
  • Practicing social and digital inclusion so no-one is left out.
  • Providing rewarding local volunteering and employment opportunities for our team.
  • Adopting a collaborative, team-based approach to decision making.
  • Adopting a network structure for a distributed community enterprise.