Our Home Service

Families, Communities and Governments agree that it is preferable for most Australians prefer to remain living at home in a familiar  surroundings for as long as they can.  At Living Connected we aim to give elders the confidence and ability to use the Internet and personal digital devices to do so.  While we encourage clients to come to our Drop-in Sessions when possible, some have difficulties getting there or  need help with their home setup.

The Living Connected Home Service supports the social wellbeing of elders living at home who want to stay connected, engaged, active and independent as they age. While some elders contact us knowing exactly where they need help other are real newbies. In such cases we follow this 4 step method :

  1.  Find out what they already have, what they already know and what learning challenges they face. Then find the one or two most interesting activities that might motivate them to use a phone, tablet, computer or other smart device.
  2. Set them up with the right technology for their needs and circumstances
  3. Teach them the basics on their own device for just one activity that is important to them
  4. Provide ongoing help when they get stuck or want to learn more, This could be us, a family member or neighbour

To engage our services for yourself or on behalf of someone else please contact us