Links to Resources

If you are stuck and  all else fails ask the crowd  (i.e. google it).  Almost certainly someone else has solved your problem and put the solution in the cloud (e.g. you might ask: how can I use my phone to connect my laptop to the internet? This is a very handy thing to do.)

Useful practice links:

Using a mouse


Here are links to sites mentioned in our training materials:

Federal Government Digital Literacy for Older Australians:

Broadband for Seniors Wiki

Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs

Self-Teach Videos

Go Digi

The Digital Champions Network:

The UK Goodthings Foundation resources

Some ways to help seniors can be seen on these websites


Stay smart online:

Learn how to use popular websites

Things to consider for the main choices of device



For older people who can get there, free and low cost courses are available at TAFE, Libraries, Broadband for Seniors’ Kiosks, NSW Tech Savvy Seniors, WEA, ACE

Internet Options:

Some general information is provided at the link below or more specific advice from Internet Providers.

If there is more than one device in the house the client may be interested in a home network – see:

Videos (a small sample – there are lots more if you search)

Basics of the Desktop:

Basics of windows:

Computer basics on Windows

Windows 7 basics

Windows 10 basics

Touchscreen basics

Seniors as Web Users:

My Support for Seniors

Tech enhanced Life