What we do

We help you, the respected elders in our community, learn to use your digital devices (whether mobile phone, laptop or tablet) to do whatever it is you want to do:  sort out all those digital photos; come to grips with online banking; install new apps or get rid of those you don’t want; connect up with family overseas or interstate; or the many other things that are getting hard to do if you are not online.

Our services are delivered in small groups in community centres, in your home or online when required. In all settings you get individual help from a trained mentor in a friendly and supportive manner.  Most services are free, even your first home visit. After that there is a very reasonable charge with a discount for those on a pension. You may also be able to pay via your home care package if you have one. 

Services offered by Living Connected include: 

  • Public Drop-In help sessions held regularly in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands
  • Online help sessions on Zoom.
  • Group help sessions in aged-care facilities
  • A Home Service tailored to individual needs and with ongoing support if required
  • Training for volunteer helpers, Young Mentors and Carers wanting to help those they care for.
  • Providing second-hand devices to low socio-economic seniors and those in disaster recovery