Newsletter 2-2

Volume 2 Issue 2 March 2018  –In this Issue:
3rd Year PR Student get involved
Save the Date –  May 11 1:30pm
Economic Value of Digital Inclusion
Inter-generational Connections

3rd Year PR Student get Involved

University of Wollongong students enrolled in MARK321“ Creative Public Relations Campaigns” are using Living Connected for their real world practice of public relations campaign development. We have already provided them with a brief on our organisation and they will work in teams to develop a creative campaign to address our public relations issues/opportunities.  We are now getting lots of emails from the groups working on different aspects of an event at iAccelerate on May 11 to raise the profile of Living Connected.

Save the Date – May 11  1:30pm.

This event will take place in the Foyer of iAccelerate and be planned, run and evaluated by the PR students.  Many of you may be contacted by these students with requests for interviews about your involvement with Living Connected. (This is one of the assignments of their course).  If you do not want to be contacted please let us know.  Associated with the event, we will be launching our report “We all benefit when Elders get Online: the economic and social value of living connected”. We will also talk about the great work we do on intergenerational and cross cultural connections as our High School and University student volunteer as helpers with our clients.



Intergenerational Connections

Our youngest team members are gaining in confidence as 1-on-1 helpers for our older clients.  This is a win-win for both generations as each learn from the other and enjoy the outcomes.


The Economic Value of Digital Inclusion

In contrast to the negative view of the ageing population as a major challenge, we focus on the opportunities that stem from elders as customers, clients and valued members of the community. In this report, we provide strong evidence for the importance of the digital inclusion of elders in realising these opportunities. We want to get this message across to government agencies, businesses and care providers with advice on how they can benefit from the services offered by Living Connected.




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