Living Connected Online

Need help using your computers, laptops, tablets, or phone but are in lockdown or isolation?  Living Connected is offering online one-on-one help with our team of volunteers.

Zoom Dropin Meetings: Before COVID-19, Living Connected conducted weekly or fortnightly Dropin Sessions face to face. Helpers would be matched with those who dropped in for help. We now hold weekly Virtual Dropin Sessions on Zoom mostly at the times we held the face to face session. A few of our team are joining the Zoom meetings and we are already having some lively group catchups, We can also follow our practice of 1-on-1 help using Zoom breakout rooms. This seems to work well and not as difficult as you might think.

Rotary Virually

We have also been funded by the NSW State Government to run a new free service supporting clubs and groups to meet using technology while they cannot meet face to face. We will provide, at no cost, assistance with the technical setup, hosting engaging sessions and skilling up novice users so no-one misses out. For more information, click here.

For individual help you can contact us on Skype. Find Living Connected  ( or Helen Hasan (helen.hasan) on Skype and make  contact. Skype call us whenever these contacts are  shown as available (i.e. with a green dot).  If you need help getting on to Skype or want to use another online way of contacting us please email or phone. For more information on using Skype, click here.

FacebookLike our page on Facebook for information about upcoming events.

You can also try contacting us using WhatsApp using our phone number 0409 753 808. If you have never used WhatsApp before, click here for a useful factsheet from the Australian Government.

Resources for Using Zoom

Setting up Zoom for a PC or Laptop

Setting up Zoom on iOS

Setting up Zoom on Android

Getting started with Zoom for Windows and Mac

Zoom Meeting Reactions

Non-verbal Feedback During Meetings

Making Polls in Zoom Meetings

Using breakout rooms on Zoom as a host/cohost


Using the whiteboard function in Zoom