Newspaper 4-2

Volume 4 Issue 2 April 2020

In this Issue:
Living Connected Online
One 0n One help
Virtual Group Sessions
Hosting Zoom Meeting
Recovery Help

Download as a PDF LC Newsletter Vol 4 Iss 2

Living Connected Online
Living Connected has a great team of willing helpers ready to deliver our online services. We aim to enable us to stay connected by helping seniors to make best use of their digital devices. Although getting started for beginners is a little harder, we believe it is worth persevering, as it is now more importance than ever to know how to keep in touch online. We are finding that if we can get to the point of sharing screens, it makes it easier to see what is happening and to solved the problems that our client bring to us. When we get together in groups on Zoom we have some interesting discussions and some fun as well

One on One Help
We still offer free 1-on-1 help for seniors with all levels of digital skills. If they are a real beginner, clients can contact us by phone or WhatsApp on 0409753808. If they have Skype, they can make Living Connected a contact with the account ID People can call us using this Skype address whenever it shows the green dot. Phone if you need help with Skype.

Virtual Group Sessions
Pre-COVID19, Living Connected conducted weekly or fortnightly Dropin Sessions face to face. Helpers would be matched with those who dropped in for help. We now hold weekly Virtually Dropin Sessions on Zoom mostly at the times we held the face to face session. A few of our team are joining the Zoom meeting and we are already having some lively group catchups, We can also follow our practice of 1-on-1 help using Zoom breakout rooms. This seems to work well and not as difficult as you might think. See our Website for meeting times and contact us for details of how to join in.

Hosting Zoom Meetings for Clubs and other groups
In “normal” times, seniors thrive on regular social interactions in groups which can
no longer meet. Living Connected helps clubs, community groups and families to
continue to meet “virtually”. With our team members skilled up to run Zoom
meetings, Living Connected can provide assistance with the technical setup,
hosting engaging sessions and skilling up novice users so no-one misses out. We
do this by:
1) explaining to leaders of seniors’ clubs and groups why and how they should
continue to meet online;
(2) running trial sessions so they can see how it works;
(3) either teaching people how to use technology such as Zoom themselves, or
(4) hosting meetings for those who cannot host themselves;
(5) helping people to inform and engage members;
(6) providing resources and mentoring those members who need to learn the skills to join in.
Contact us if you have a club or groups that would like our help. There is no cost.
Recovery Help
As a follow up from the March Newsletter, we have now distributed 26 refurbished
computers with a few introductory lessons, to people who lost computers in the fires,
as well as to those need them to work

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