Newsletter 3-7

Volume 3 Issue 7  September 2019

In this Issue:
Home Visits 2019
Preparing for 2020
Official Photos at Banksia
Formal Structures

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Home Visits 2019George

Living Connected helps elder use technology to overcome the isolation that comes with age. In 2017-18 we grew mainly through our Dropin groups.  This year we have been able to ramp up our home visit services, funded by a Be Connected Capacity Building grant.

Seen here with Phil, George was our first home visit. He had multiple health issues and lived in a facility where everyone else had dementia. The computer helped him reconnect with the world.

Preparing for 2020     

Looking at the latest map of the Living Connected Network ( shows how much we have grown. We believethat we have created a flexiblenetwork structure, a great team and a learner-led way of operating that is viable and meets the needs of elders struggling to adapt to the digital world. Our challenge for 2020 is sustainability, relying too much on grants that may not be forthcoming in the future.

“Official” Photos at Banksia

A few “happy snaps” taken recently  at our Broulee Residents Computer Group taken by Banksia Marketing Coordinator, Natalie, showing how we make learning fun.

Computer Group users Sylvia Orlando Jill Bennett and David Johnston Ok to publish.JPG

Formal Structures

For those interested in formalities, Living Connected is the trading name of Living Connected Now Limited which is a small non-profit public company limited by guarantee. A Founding Board registered the company with ASIC in 2017 and have overseen its development.  Pictured below are the “First Directors”: Helen Hasan, Lee Ridge, Kate Crawford and Peter Carew.  Peter and Kate have now resigned as directors and we thank them for their support in getting us going. The last meeting of the Founding Board, approved the appointment of some new directors. This will take us through to the AGM in November when elections for next year’s board will take place.

As decided earlier in the year, those who make up the dedicated and hard-working Living Connected team will be invited to become “members” of Living Connected who will be eligible to vote for the directors to guide us in 2020.

First BoardLC

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