Newsletter 2-7

Volume 2, Issue 7   August, 2018

In this Issue:
Our Expanding Network
The Challenges of myGov
Get Online Week
NSW Seniors Festival

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Our Expanding Network

Our new Dropin Centres are now up and running, At Woonona Bulli RSL,we  meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month 3pm-5pm. Please let anyone you know who lives in the area to come if they need IT help.
We now have sessions at 4 IRT Facilities in the Shoalhaven . On the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month we are at St Georges Basin and Sarah Claydon Milton. On the 2nd and 4th Fridays we are at Nowra and Culburra Beach. It is great to meet all the residents who come in for help.

The challenges of myGov

It’s not just seniors who struggle to deal with the changes to doing business online with the government but seniors often need help getting set up with myGov and linking it to other services. Once set up, it is not so bad unless the ID, password or answers to secret questions are forgotten, or you don’t have the phone when a code is sent.


Our Workshop with Chris Downs from the ATO gave us some hints that we are passing on to our clients.  It is particularly hard for the new arrivals to the country whom we help at the Illawarra Multicultural Services sessions we hold each Tuesday.  People who struggle with English not only find myGov a particular challenge but also need help with the online tests for a driver licence or citizenship.  Even we have trouble with some of the questions! However our team continues to grow their expertise with  e-government systems. So if you need help, get in touch.

Get Online Week

In the week of October 15-19 we will be holding special sessions at most of our iAccelerate Dropin sites on the topic: “Having your say on Social Media” For those who have never posted on social media before we will show how to post something on the Living Connected twitter feed, Facebook page or the blog on the website. They can take a selfie and add it to their posts or even create their own twitter accounts if they want.

NSW Seniors Festival

Living Connected will participate in the 2019 Seniors Festival next February. We invite our existing clients other seniors to come to our central site on the Innovation Campus and make, with the help of our team, short videos that reveal their life story in their own words and pictures. They will learn how to create video clips with their phones or a webcam, scan in images and use an easy to use movie maker type program to put it all together as a professional-looking video. They  can take it with them on a USB memory stick and show others.  This will be a festive and fun activity with all our volunteers and team there to help.


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